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Pilgrimages & Religious Travel

Many famous Christian scholars and personalities had their home in the heart of Europe and in Germany. Stroll on the paths of their history and discover some of the most important churches such as Cologne Cathedral, Castle Church Wittenberg or Leipzig’s Thomas-Church, to name but a few, along your itinerary. We will present you with a high-quality and elaborate program that leaves nothing to be desired.


In the footsteps of Benedict XVI

4 Days – Munich – Freising – Regensburg – Altoetting – Marktl am Inn

Highlights: Munich sightseeing – Chruch of Our Lady – Freising – Regensburg Cathedral – Spiritual Centre Altoetting – Birthplace at Marktl am Inn

On the footsteps of Martin Luther

5 Days – Berlin – Wittenberg – Erfurt – Eisleben – Berlin

Highlights: Sightseeing Berlin – Castel Church of Wittenberg – Erfurt Cathedral – Augustinian Monastary – Wartburg Castle – Luther memorial places at Eisleben