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Health Tourism & Medical Travel

Would you like to recharge your batteries, relax and unwind or start a long overdue medical treatment?

Stressmanagement, healthy nutrition and medical treatments are playing in our fast moving time a bigger role. The awareness of obtaining or rehabilitate health gets stronger.

The possibilities during a health-journey to bring body and soul into harmony are as diverse as your personal requirements; we are pleased to present you some of them:

The local health resorts and clinics are providing perfect conditions for a healthy and at once active holiday. Medical standards in German are among the highest worldwide. Due to the multiplicity of clinics Germany is also known as „hospital of Europe“.

The treatment options cover different medical fields, such as e.g. adiposity, oncology, gastroenterology, proteases, cardiology and cosmetic corrections and surgeries.

Very popular are more than 350 German health resorts with its mineral and thermal sources, mud treatments, Kneipp cures and much more. We are pleased to recommend the health resort Bad Brückenau in the heart of Germany: here you can combine modern spa- and wellness treatments or medical treatments perfectly with different activities, such as hiking or cycling. Upon arrival experts will discuss your medical history with you and will develop an individually, comprehensive therapy plan, based on your personal needs.

The Thalasso-therapy is considered as a medical „all-rounder“, it’s a healing treatment with sea water, algae and mud. Germany offers various spots for this kind of therapy, amongst others on the island Norderney (located in the northern sea) or at the swanky seaside resort Binz at the island Ruegen in the Baltic Sea.

Also possible is of course a hospitalization in one of Germany’s metropolises such as Cologne, Duesseldorf or Munich – connect your treatment with a city break.
If you put more on the healing power of Yoga or Ayurveda, of course we also will send you a tailor made quotation for a Yoga- or Ayurveda holiday in Germany or the other bordering European countries.
Strongly demanded are also the traditional health resorts Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) and Marienbad (Marianske Lazne) in the Czech Republic, once meeting point of the European high nobility, em-perors and kings. Already by the end of the 14th century these world-famous health resorts were founded and enjoy an excellent reputation referring to wellness- and spa-stays since that time.
That’s because of the innumerable mineral sources in the area. These can be used for the healing of different pains – die chemical diversity of the sources is unique while the medical standard corresponds to the international level. Aside the area also offers some cultural highlights – in Karlsbad as e.g. is taking place an annual film festival in July, which attracts the Jet set from all over the world. The rich nature provides perfect options for excursions, hiking or a bicycle tour or just to relax.

We would be happy to organize your health journey according to your personal needs! Please contact us with your individual request!