Große Deutschland Rundreise - Hamburg Speicherstadt
Große Europa Rundreise Hauptstädte Bild
Studienreise Amsterdam Bild
Studienreise Europas Städte - Hamburg Bild
Studienreise Europas Städte - Helsinki Bild

Studytour European Cities

West Australian Local Government Planners Association

Influenced by Peter Hall´s book „Good Cities, Better Lives“, a group of over 30 local politicians and town planners from Australia went on a studytour to 12 European cities that are in some way examplary for liveable places. We have organized this round trip for the West Australian Local Government Association, who provided the itinerary: starting in Copenhagen, the study tour should lead in 15 days via Hamburg, Kassel, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Strasbourg, Cologne and Duisburg to Amsterdam. We had suitable hotel recommendations for this special group at the ready – the participants were espacially happy with their stylish accommodation at Hamburg Speicherstadt and the very centrally located hotels throughout the tour. This was especially helpful to realize the tight program and the different meetings with local authorities and European town planners.