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Marathons in Germany – a selection

Marathon events have a long tradition in Germany and are regularly held in many different places since the sixties. In addition to a variety of venues which are characterized by their scenic routes – as for example the Black Forest or Lake Constance marathon – there are always the big city marathons that attract a particularly large number of participants and spectators:

Hamburg Marathon
Hamburg Marathon offers one of the most picturesque marathon routes in Germany. It leads through the entire city center, passing by some of the most beautiful squares and places of Hamburg.

Berlin Marathon
Berlin Marathon is the biggest German Marathon für runners, inline-skaters, power walkers, wheelchair athletes and hand cyclists. Along with the events in New York, Chicago and London, Berlin Marathon is among the biggest marathon events worldwide.

Cologne Marathon
Since 1997 the meanwhile third biggest German Marathon is being held in Cologne. Good vibes and a special atmosphere in the stronghold of German Carneval are guaranteed.

Frankfurt Marathon
Frankfurt Marathon is the oldest City Marathon in Germany. Since 1981 participants follows the impressing route between the highest German buildings through the city center. The finish is the highlights the Marathon: on a red carpet and acclaimed by thousands of fans, the runners enter the Festival Hall.